Once upon a time, in the small town of Cardinal, Illinois, 7 teenagers died. Each of them had received texts from X, and each of them committed suicides at the end.
The police gathered that X targeted 7 specific people, and bullied them for one specific flaw of theirs’. Annabel’s was Envy. Joey’s was Sloth. Margaret’s was Wrath. Lola’s was Gluttony. Kyle’s was Pride. Tyler’s was Lust. And Leo’s was Greed.
After years of caution, things are starting to get back to normal, but little does anyone know that X is back. They’ve picked their next targets— this time, many more than just 7.
Astrid Cordero and Noah Carmichael - LustTom Hassen and Bethany Daley -EnvySamantha Ashby and Isaac Brustman -GreedVeronica Marquis and Peter Sauro -Wrath Jeremy McGregor -Sloth Felicity Roden -GluttonyHope Heathcote -Pride
…are just a few of their targets. X is here, binding their time, plotting against each one of these teens, until none are left.

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This smile…

This is his new hair style, I just like his old hair :( but no problem! He still ma boy

“We accept the love we think we deserve.”

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Movie Spoiler Alert

I really love how the movie came out. Things were excluded and other things were changed, but each change made up for each exclusion. I love how awkward Logan portrayed Charlie. I love how spontaneous and free Sam and Patrick are. Their characters are exactly how imagined them…